Specific Subject Policies

 The following general polices are in place for the College Park Foundation:

  1. Procurement Policies
  2. Disbursement Request Processing
  3. Policy on Gift Cards/Gift Certificates
  4. Employee Gifts to the University 
  5. Board of Regents Policy on Affiliated Foundations
  6. Board of Regents Policy on Use of Foundation and Alumni Association Funds to Provide Economic Benefits to USM Employees
  7. Board Approved Fees:
    1. Fee Schedule for Approved Fees: Endowment Funds: All endowment accounts are subject to the pro rata share of the fees paid to the professional investment managers. Additionally, an assessment of 1.9% of the March 31 market value is charged to each account.
  8. Spendable Income for New Endowments
  9. Investment Policy For The University of Maryland College Park Foundation, Inc.
  10. Conflict of interest Policy for Trustees and Staff Officers
  11. Record Retention Policy
  12. Whistleblower Policy