Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee assists the board in fulfilling its responsibility to: identify and recruit potential new elected trustees; recommend to the executive committee an annual class of new and renewing elected trustees; and ensure the skill sets and diversity that are in the best interest of the board.

The board has delegated authority to the committee to: define a recruitment strategy; cultivate membership pipeline; review candidates referred for membership; and recommend new and renewing members.

Members of the committee include the immediate past chair, who shall serve as chair of the committee, board chair, executive committee chair, committee on trustees chair, development committee chair; and three (3) additional non-executive committee elected trustees. Ex-officio members of the Committee are the foundation’s administrative officers: its president, vice president/secretary and vice president/chief financial officer/treasurer.


Brodie Remington
President, University of Maryland College Park Foundation
Vice President, University Relations

Bernadette Maldonado
Vice President and Secretary, University of Maryland College Park Foundation
Assistant Vice President, University Relations