Welcome to the University of Maryland College Park Foundation

Board Chair Ray FerraraOn behalf of the Board of Trustees, I am delighted to introduce you to the University of Maryland College Park Foundation and its important work within the campus community, throughout greater College Park, across the state of Maryland and with a national impact. Our trustees are alumni, parents and friends of the University who return to College Park again and again to help the campus and its leadership pursue new challenges  and then celebrate great achievements. 

Our charge as a volunteer board of trustees is to support the university in four distinct ways. We:

  1. Encourage and expand philanthropic support for university initiatives;
  2. Oversee the investment and distribution of private gifts to the University;
  3. Serve as advocates on behalf of the University within our communities; and
  4. Provide assistance and advice to university leadership.

As the University of Maryland embarks on a landmark fundraising campaign, ushering in transformational opportunities for its students, faculty, staff and alumni, we are poised and proud to help guide the campus we love toward future growth and success. Please join us in this great and important work. Thank you.

V. Raymond Ferrara
Chair, Board of Trustees
University of Maryland College Park Foundation